Friday, November 10, 2006

Sheffield Trade News

Taking a break from prospects for a second, I would like to talk a little about Gary Sheffield. I would optimistic but not too optimistic about the chances of a good return for the whining veteran, but now I am a lot more confident about our potential for bringing back a significant piece for the slugger.

I am sure that most of you have seen some of the news lately. The Padres, intensely interested, offered up the young ace reliever Scott Linebrink for Sheffield's services. The Yankees turned them down. The Padres quickly pulled the trigger on Kevin Kouzmanoff, giving away Josh Barfield, due to rumors that Sheffield was going to be traded to Cleveland in return for the excellent first base prospect. Now it seems that the Tigers are interested, possibly offering up Nate Robertson for Sheffield. We're even hearing rumors about Humberto Sanchez entering the discussion.

These are major trade pieces. Robertson is an above average healthy left handed starting pitcher with a few years left on his c0ntract. Linebrink is a young future closer. Kouzmanoff is a 25 year old college prospect who has hit like Joe DiMaggio in the minor leagues for three years. Sanchez is has often been compared to Kevin Brown in both style and effectiveness. There is certainly a huge market for Sheffield.

I would have pulled the trigger on any of these trades, and I am sure that two weeks ago Cashman would have two. But it seems like Cashman is confident that he may be able to get more out of these teams. I really want Cashman to call up Texas and attempt to procure Teixeira for some package revolving around Sheffield.