Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13 vs Kansas City 9-2 W

Good game overall today. A couple of questionable managing decisions to analyze, but first let's talk about the positives. Gary Sheffield hit his second home run in as many days. Bernie Williams is now hitting .323 after going 3 for 4, all singles. Randy Johnson was dominant, allowing only one run on four singles in five innings. Giambi is showing for the third straight game that last year was a true comeback. And sans one bad pitch by Tanyon Sturtze, the bullpen held Kansas city to just two runs in four innings. Oh, and Al Leiter is a great broadcaster.

All good. The bullpen is especially encouraging. Scott Proctor looks like he may actually have some value. But I want to talk about a couple of questionable management decisions.

First off, Joe Torre yanked Randy Johnson after just five innings and 87 pitches. According to the Yankees, there is nothing physically wrong with him. This is a bad decision by Joe Torre. At this point in the season, with a big road trip coming up and a bullpen coming off a 3-inning set last night. Randy Johnson could easily have pitched another inning, considering that two of the three singles hit against him in the 5th were weak. Now Mike Myers is probably unavailable tomorrow, after having pitched two days straight, not to mention our other lefty Ron Villone, who had a tough 9th inning after pitching the 9th last night. If Moose can't give the Yankees at least 6 innings, it's going to be a difficult night.

Giambi is now hitting .308/.571/.652. Torre, can you please hit him 3rd?

Quote of the day: Al Leiter - "A two seemer isn't supposed to go 100"

Amount left on Joe Torre's contract: 12,761,111 dollars