Friday, September 15, 2006

Place Your Bets

All right. The next two days are going to be filled with absolutely insane days of baseball, and I couldn't be more happy. 4 games in 2 days against the Boston Red Sox? Let's do some handicapping.

Over/Unders Mine

2.5 Yankee wins? Over
1.5 Scott Proctor Appearances? Over
1.5 Ron Villone Appearances? Under
.5 Kyle Farnsworth Appearances? Over
.5 Mariano Rivera Appearance? Over
5 Innings for Jaret Wright? Under
2 Home runs for Alex Rodriguez? Under
6 Strikeouts for Randy Johnson? Over
20 total runs for the Yankees? Over
20 total runs for the Red Sox? Under
1 Game for Gary Sheffield? Over
.346 for Jeter by the end of the series? Over

Series MVP? Alex Rodriguez
Series Bust? Gary Sheffield (if he plays)
Series Suprise? Henn and Beam out of the bullpen
Bullpener Abused? Proctor
Best Starting Pitcher? Randy Johnson