Saturday, September 09, 2006

Try Something Different

This Yankee club has had a serious problem against left handed pitching this season, in part due to the big hole created by Gary Sheffield, and replacing him with the left handed Bobby Abreu. We added a left handed centerfielder, and came to rely seriously upon a left handed second baseman. Only Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter remain as serious right handed threats.

The solution? Shake things up! We're 9 games up, why the hell not? At the very least we rest a few of our starters. It's not like Adam Loewan hasn't dominated our "A" lineup.

Damon CF - Cabrera LF - Jeter SS - Posada C - Rodriguez 3b - Cano 2b - Williams DH - Wilson 1b - Thompson RF

Only two left handers in the whole damn lineup. It can't hurt to have Giambi and Abreu available off the bench.