Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Will the Bats Be Enough?

Steve Lombardi over at WasWatching.com has been openly very worried about the Yankee pitching situation. Today, he made a very astute observation:

Secondly, someone on the Yankees staff is going to have to pull a "Jim Beattie 1978" - meaning someone who has not been a huge factor this season, for the most part, is going to have to step up in the post-season and make big pitching contributions in at least two games.

I agree with him - slightly. Pitching is so incredibly important in the playoffs. But I ask the question - can our offense overcome our 3-4 starters?

Mussina and Wang are about as good as any team has in terms of a 1-2 punch this postseason. They are both tied in 5th place in ERA in the AL with 3.57. Only Santana has been better this season than those two (in terms of postseason starters), and the Twins have to throw out junk for game 2.

Our 3-4 in Randy Johnson and Jaret Wright is weak. Very weak. But we still have that offense.

Can Damon-Jeter-Abreu-Arod-Giambi-Sheffield-Matsui-Posada-Cano be beat? I mean... our #9 hitter right there is hitting .342! If we can make it past the 1st round crapshoot... the rest of the majors is going to have a hard time holding them back. Regardless if Randy Johnson is healthy or not. Having Mariano Rivera doesn't suck either.