Thursday, October 05, 2006

ALDS Game 2 vs Detroit

If we lose this series, this will be looked back as the game which we should have won.

Justin Verlander was not pitching well to begin this game. His 10 days of rest were showing up as rust. We put 5 runners on between the two innings, forcing Verlander to throw 40+ pitches. Unfortunately, we were unable to score.

Gary Sheffield is definately the dog of this game. He missed two catches that an average first baseman would have gotten. He killed a rally with a GIDP, and struck out in big spots twice.

I can't fault the Yankee hitters in general today. Do we really expect anyone to hit up Zumaya, throwing 103 with perfect location? Todd Jones somehow decided that he was really Curt Schilling today, throwing crazy strike after strike. I wouldn't count on Jones being that effective in future outings.

In the end, we got barely edged out in the later innings of a close game. The Yankees are going to have to beat up on one of Kenny Rogers or Jeremy Bonderman in the next few days. Considering the strength of our lineup, I wouldn't worry too much.