Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I haven't really posted a lot of astute commentary lately. Unfortunately, I am hampered in two ways. First off, it gets annoying to have to type "Ron Villone, Scott Proctor overused, Ron Villone, Brian Bruney overused, Ron Villone..." after every game.

Second, my college's internet connection has been very flittery, which hurts my ability to watch games on I can't stream video because the connection is so bad. Hopefully that changes before the playoffs.

Not much is happening in Yankee world. Over the offseason, I intend to focus on individual prospect profiles (in addition to all the free agent signings and things). In a week, I'll have the playoffs to write about. For now? Enjoy watching the young kids play.

By the way, it's almost deadline time in most states to register to vote. I guess this is a little reminder to all those who are not registered. Policy is determined by those who participate.

Good day.