Sunday, October 15, 2006

Alex Rodriguez Trade Part 2

There has been a lot of newspaper speculation lately on the Alex Rodriguez trade, even amounting to rumors of a trade centered around Alex and Mark Buerhle. I doubt that there is a lot of merit to this trade, primarily because I can't see Cashman offering around for Alex after Cory Lidle's tragic death so recently. Still, it's an interesting possibility.

I stated previously that the second key question in an Alex Rodriguez trade is pretty simple: Who the hell replaces him?

Chicago offers two options in Joe Crede and Josh Fields. Crede showed some power this season, but his lack of on base ability makes me want to pick Fields over him. Fields recently posted a .900 OPS at AAA, while playing decent defense. He turns 24 in December.

One of Kansas City's young third basemen (Mark Teahen, Alex Gordon) could very easily be included in some sort of 3 way deal.

Anaheim offers Dallas McPherson - but he had a very poor and injury filled 2006. Chone Figgins is another option, but is unlikely to provide more than a replacement level of offense. His defense is excellent though.

The Dodgers offer two young options in Andy LaRoche and Wilson Betemit. Betemit is another replacement level player who plays good defense, while LaRoche is a major prospect who has yet to hit the majors, with Chipper Jones hitting abilities.

Aramis Ramirez has a clause in his contract which could potentially put him on the free agent market this winter. Ramirez is probably the best all around player listed here. He would replace Alex Rodriguez fairly well, but has a reputation of being hotheaded and a bad teammate.

Hank Blalock from Texas is rumored to be on the trading block, although a lot of questions persist about whether or not he can hit outside of Arlington. I would shy away from him, especially considering that the price tag would be high.

Scott Rolen has been rumored to be fighting with the management over in St. Louis. He had a decent season, and has the defensive reputation of a God. He could be a very, very attractive option. The Cardinals are going to be so desperate for pitching this offseason that they might bite for a very small offer.

The Mariners would love to get rid of Adrian Beltre and his contract. Although he won't slug .660 ever again, Beltre could provide excellent defense and a .270/.340/.460 line from third base. Seattle would have to subsidize the contract significantly though, as Beltre is owed 12 million dollars for each of the next three seasons.

Chad Tracy may be the odd man out in Arizona, where the infield suddenly has seemed very crowded. Tracy could provide a decent .280/.360/.460 line of offense for a cheap price tag, although his defense wouldn't be a big upgrade to Arod's.

Morgan Ensberg had a poor season for the Astros, but still managed to post a .858 OPS. He is a definate buy-low candidate, after batting just .238 this season.

Aubrey Huff is a free agent, but also a terrible 3b. Still, at 29 years old he is still in his prime and has had some all star years in the past.

Those are some interesting names. The next post is the big one: What trades are possible?