Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Arod Rumors

We can expect a lot of these, but the latest rumor comes courtesy of the Contra Costa Times.

Alex Rodriguez + cash to Oakland for Eric Chavez, one of Rich Harden or Dan Haren, and a prospect or two. The prospects? Daric Barton could enter into the equation, but I would ask for one of Travis Buck or Jason Windsor. Buck is a 23 year old 2005 draft pick out of ASU. He is an athletic power hitting outfielder. He could be very good, and is virtually major league ready. Jason Windsor is even closer to the major leagues. He is a 24 year old power pitcher who dominated AAA.

But the real jewels of the deal are Chavez and Harden/Haren. I would stay away from the injury prone Harden, but Dan Haren has all the trappings of an excellent pitcher. He's like a mini-Halladay, throwing strikes and getting ground ball outs. Eric Chavez is a pretty good bet to hit close to his career .268/.350/.484 line, but his left handed power swing may also benefit from Yankee stadium ala Johnny Damon. He also is consistently about 15 runs above average on defense. He isn't Alex Rodriguez, but he doesn't suck either.