Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Name - You Vote

Yeah, it's probably time to rename the blog. From posts on this blog and talking to others, it has quickly become clear to me that the "Fire Joe Torre" name has run it's course. The focus of the blog has shifted from the days when I would list the amount of money left on Torre's contract to a more general Yankees/descriptive minor league type of content. So, I've narrowed the name of the blog down to two possibilities, with the help of the fine folks at the Yankee Pride Boards.

1. Cashman's Crops (or, alternatively, Cash's Crops, what do you guys think?)
2. Pinstripe Potentials (or, alternatively, Potential Pinstripes)

I'd like your input. Which is the better name? Should I trash the names in favor of something more broad? Thoughts?