Monday, April 17, 2006

Shawn Chacon

Is anyone else a little worried? His control seems to have deserted him. His breaking balls are either bouncing in the dirt or are flat and hittable. He doesn't have control of his fastball. He's walking people left and right, and then giving up extra base hits.

I bought in to the Chacon turnaround. I figured that he would be able to pitch a lot of league-average innings for us. But if he continues to pitch like this, the Yankees could have some problems. Not to mention our problems if Jaret Wright keeps pitching poorly. Unlike last season however, we have good options to replace them. Matt DeSalvo and Darrel Rasner are pitching well for Columbus. Scott Proctor is making a case for himself. Carl Pavano and Aaron Small are on their way back. If things go wrong, and it looks like they will, at least we have alternatives.