Friday, May 19, 2006

May 19th @ New York L 7-6

Jorge Posada drew the short straw today. He had to suffer the daily injury, although Kyle Farnsworth drew the "middle straw", both with back pain.

To recap:

May 18th: Bubba Crosby injures hamstring running out of the box
May 17th: Carl Pavano leaves minor league game, later revealing that he needs surgery
May 16th: Shawn Chacon aggravates a bruised knee
May 15th: Jason Giambi injures his neck
May 14th: No injury (two days!)
May 13th: No injury
May 12th: Hideki Matsui breaks his wrist.

"Limping" doesn't quite cover it. Barely able to turn the wheels on the wheelchair might. Oh, and Eric Duncan and Jose Tabata are both injured too.

Randy Johnson is worse than Jaret Wright right now. He is actually the weak link in our rotation. Who would have thought? This feels like David Cone 2000.

If Jorge misses even a game, we're in trouble. Still, Brian Cashman should not go out and trade the farm away. If we have to limp around with Reese and Melky in the outfield for awhile, then so be it. This organization has a future and that future is two years away from one hell of a prospect base.

Edit: Add Bernie Williams to the injured list. Finally some good news.