Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 20 @ New York W 5-4

I was prepared to write a little entry about why the Yankees did not deserve to win today. Well... they won.

Joe Torre should not have put Miguel Cairo in left field. Miguel Cairo has played left field in the past - in desperate situations. Early in the game, Cairo showed why he only plays left field in desperate situations when he misjudged a fly ball and let it get behind him. Thanks to the misjudgement, the Mets scored two runs.

Moose pitched his heart out, as did Pedro. Moose now has 59 strikeouts and just 10 walks in 66 2/3 innings. We are so lucky to have him this year.

I was skeptical about Scott Proctor when he started to succeed at the begining of this season. But the guy was just nasty today. He is looking unhittable out there. Mariano also looked scary today, throwing some really sharp cutters out there.

Jorge Posada must be suffering, because Kelly Stinnet batted in the 9th with the game on the line. Hopefully he can play tomorrow, as we'll need all our bullets against Glavine.

Hopefully Melky and Phillips scored some brownie points today. Melky especially. He very quietly is batting .310/.433/.310. The power has not come, but those are incredible on base skills for a 21 yea old. If Damon needs to rest for a game, Melky should lead off.

No injuries today. Rejoice.