Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 21 @ New York L 4-3

Tough win.

All things considered, the Yankees' play this weekend is pretty encouraging. Considering that today we were minus Farnsworth, Rivera, Proctor, Chacon and Posada (not to mention Matsui, Sheffield, Sturtze, Crosby, Dotel and Pavano), we were at a strong disadvantage against the Mets. The Red Sox lost, so we didn't lose any ground.

Aaron Small once again proved why he found himself in AA at age 34 last year. Small has now allowed 5 home runs in 15 innings this year.

Bernie played one hell of a game today, even though his second "double" was really a botched infield pop up. Still, 5 times on base in 5 attempts is something special. In the month of May, Bernie has posted a respectable .790 in the month of May.

Joe Torre made a big mistake letting Mike Myers pitch to Carlos Beltran in a close game. He got lucky and got the out, but Myers makes right handed hitters look like Albert Pujols.

Alex Rodriguez is starting to worry me. I thought that he was coming around last week, but his turnaround did not last. He went 0-4 tonight with a walk, leaving seven on base.

Gary Sheffield may be back sooner than we all thought. Unfortunately, it won't be soon enough to make the Red Sox series.