Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9th vs Boston 14-3 L

It's my birthday. Think that the Yankees could produce?

Randy Johnson looked to be back on the game at first. Although he walked two people, he got away pretty easily through the tough Red Sox hitters in the 1st. He looked very solid, keeping the Sox from making solid contact in the 2nd. Then the flood gates opened. Randy had gotten himself out of the inning, giving up a hard ground ball to Alex Rodriguez. However, Arod drop the ball, allowing a run to score and David Ortiz to reach. Johnson then tossed a pitch way over Posada's glove, allowing another run to score. Then he allows a single, but gets out of the inning on the next batter. The Yankees are still in the game.

So coming in to the 4th inning, Randy Johnson allows two men on with just one out. He then tosses another sky-high wild pitch, allowing the runners to advance, for Mark Loretta's 2 RbI single. Score is now 5-2. Ortiz then hits a double in the gap, and two men are on. Aaron Small comes in. After an epic at bat, Small comes up on top, causing Manny Ramirez to pop it up sky-high. Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera can't decide who should catch it, and it falls in. Two more score. The game is officially out of hand.

It looks like Aaron Small isn't going to be what we wanted him to be. We may need a new long man. Sturtze stunk it up again in the 9th. Hopefully those two will be cut eventually in favor of Pavano and Dotel.

Yep, time to be worried about Randy Johnson. Johnson usually kills the Red Sox. He had nothing at all tonight. Granted, his defense did desert him, but that is no excuse. Randy let a ton of guys get on base.

At least Melky got two hits. Maybe his bat will keep him in the lineup after Sheffield comes back.

I fully expect Mike Mussina to get some revenge tomorrow night.