Thursday, May 04, 2006

May 4th @ Tampa Bay - W 10-5

Ugly win today. Sometimes this blog just writes itself.

The Yankees manage to bring in two runs on a two out rally, going ahead to a score of 6-5. It's the 7th inning. Randy Johnson gets two outs. There is a righty at the plate. Joe Torre, what do you do?

Torre brings in Tanyon Sturtze. Why Joe, why? This is like a broken record. Managers are paid to exercise their best options in game situations. Joe Torre continues to put the worst pitcher in his bullpen into important situations.

I don't know what to say. Brian Cashman needs to get rid of Tanyon Sturtze. That is the only way that we can Torre-proof this bullpen. Letting Myers face righties in big situations (Bases loaded in the 8th) hurts too.

Randy Johnson just can't beat Tampa and Toronto, can he? At least the Yankees gave him the run support you can usually expect when Doug Waechter is on the mound. Matsui seems to have corrected his problems. He's staying back on the ball and hitting hard line drives and foul bouls instead of weak choppers.

I'm not really liking what I am seeing out of Scott Proctor. He's getting lucky out there, allowing a lot of baserunners. If I were Cashman, I'd trade him while his value is so high.