Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3rd @ Tampa Bay W 4-2

All two thousand fans at Tropicana Field today witnessed a thriller. Who would have thought that the matchup of Jaret Wright vs Cassey Fossum would become a pitcher's duel?

Tonight pretty thoroughly demonstrated some of the Yankee hitting troubles lately, but the game's journey was ended by two struggling hitters, which hopefully is a good sign.

Gary Sheffield was one of our "hot" hitters. We've been struggling to hit since he has been injured. Why? No team can survive on 3 hitters. For the past few games, we've been trying to win games with Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, and Jason Giambi being the only players hitting well. Unfortunately, even with Jeter and Giambi hitting like Rickey Henderson and Babe Ruth, that isn't enough. This lineup is so dangerous because we can throw powerful hitters at you 1-8 (9 being Bernie Williams... 3-5 tonight). Problem is, when 4 of those powerful hitters are either not hitting well (Arod, Matsui), or not in the lineup (Sheffield, Posada), we have problems.

Luckily, Jaret Wright had a little Leo Mazzone sprite in his ear tonight saying "Use the Force Jaret, Use the Force". He pitched beautifully tonight, probably buying him another 5 days in the rotation.

Torre's decision to start Wright tonight was actually one that I support. Because of the nature of our current schedule - no off days for a little bit - even if he had skipped Wright, Wright would still have to make Saturday's start (which Chacon would have had without a rain-out) against Texas. I'll take my chances with Wright against Tampa Bay and Chacon against Texas over the other way around. Plus Wright probably would be hurt moreso than Chacon by the extra rest.

Tomorrow should be fun. Hopefully Sheffield reenters the lineup sometime soon.

Amount remaining on Joe Torre's contract: 12,156,864 dollars.