Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10 vs Oakland L 5-2

The Yankees have hit six home runs in the past 3 games. 5 of those home runs have been solo home runs. The Yankees have failed terribly at the most basic skill in baseball: getting on base. The culprits? Miguel Cairo is 0-9. Arod isn't looking great. Melky is resigned to hit just little slap singles.

Kevin Thompson almost certainly will be sent down when Bubba Crosby comes off the DL. However, he has made the most out of not playing, batting .375/.545/.875. I wouldn't be surprised if Torre starts Bernie over him in RF tomorrow night.

Last night Joe failed to pinch hit for Miguel Cairo in a big spot. Today, he sent a pinch hitter up for him, but sent Bernie Williams instead of Andy Phillips. Bernie grounded out softly to the pitcher. Instead of sending down Kevin Thompson, wouldn't you prefer Bernie Williams be cut?

Moose pitched better than his line today. He was really getting squeezed by the umpire. If it wasn't for Frank Thomas, Moose would have thrown about 30 fewer pitches and 2 fewer runs.

Look, we can't win them all. Over the past couple of weeks, we had a lot of breaks go our way. Tonight, the breaks went toward Oakland. And we face Zito tomorrow. When all else fails, at least we still kill Zito.