Thursday, June 08, 2006

June 8 vs Boston L 9-3

You can't win them all. Especially against the Red Sox.

It always seems that we win the first two games of a series but lose the 3rd in an embarassing manner, causing us to walk away with a bad feeling our mouths.

Curt Schilling was dealing tonight, but unlike other times when he was younger, his stuff wasn't good enough to pitch constantly in the strike zone. The Yankees fell down (4 baserunners in 8 innings) but when they managed to hit the ball, they hit it hard (3 home runs and a double). It's good to know that Schilling isn't Schilling anymore. He may actually need to get strike zone shy a little bit as he ages.

It's good to see Cano hit a home run. Cano can be a very valueable player if he can manage to hit for power.

Why is Scott Erickson on this team? We're carrying 12 pitchers right now, but we have two (Aaron Small and Scott Erickson) who are completely, 100% useless. Ramiro Mendoza is dealing in the minors right now.

I'm a little worried about Scott Proctor, but not for the typical reasons. Proctor may be regressing back to being an average relief pitcher. Thats OK. We don't need a bullpen of 7 all stars. But what is not OK that Torre will continue to use Proctor like he has a 1.69 ERA. When Dotel comes back, Proctor will likely (assuming we drop Small and Erickson) be the last righty in the bullpen. Hopefully Torre uses him that way.

Matt Smith looks golden out there. Maybe he could be given a larger role by Torre? Problem is, as I see it, that he is more likely to attain a larger role on another team. Trade bait maybe?

Oakland tomorrow. We're throwing our big arms out against them. Should turn out well.