Monday, June 05, 2006

June 5th vs Boston W 13-5

Oh yes, the sweet smell of first place.

Nothing could stop the Yankees tonight. Mussina doesn't have his best stuff? No problem. We'll score 13 runs. Want to shift on Giambi? No problem, Cabrera will advance from 1st to home on a passed ball. Injured captain? Don't need him tonight.

It was good to see Rivera return in perfect form. Listening to the report on his injury after the show, I have to say that we lucked out. Rivera was in intense pain for two days, barely able to walk around. Rivera was afraid that he might not pitch again. My advice? Wear Velcro shoes.

Andy continues his assault on American League pitching. He started hitting for extra bases the day after I wrote "... and since Phillips seems to only want to hit singles". Guess I'm the good jinx.

We roasted the Red Sox bullpen for tomorrow. Maybe in a close game they will have to stretch Papelbon out and we'll bust his shell. I don't think that the Red Sox can reasonably expect Pauley to give them some serious innings.

Oh, and T.J. Beam pitched 2 scoreless innings in his first AAA appearance tonight. He struck out 4 while not allowing a baserunner.

It's a good day.