Thursday, August 31, 2006

25 to 40

Tomorrow, the rosters expand. The Yankees will have an unusually large and adept group of young players helping them out, and the first of them are on their way.

Darrell Rasner is up and getting ready to start on Sunday against the young Matt Garza. The Yankees should have the edge there. We also put Lidle and Karstens against Silva and Baker, making for one relatively easy set of matchups against a dangerous team.

Wil Nieves gives us an extra catcher (something that Columbus has quite the surplus of) and T.J. Beam should help ease the pain of a short bullpen.

We should also see Jose Veras in a few days, and maybe Thompson and Reese. Mitch Jones has an outside (though unlikely) shot, as does Sean Henn.

They should be welcome additions, especially Veras and Beam. We have the advantage that the season should pretty much be locked up after the 4 game set with the Red Sox. Beam, Veras, and the newly bullpennified Rasner (Mussina will take his spot) should provide some much needed rest to Mo, Proctor, and Villone.

Wouldn't mind seeing what Henn has as a reliever.