Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 25th @ Anaheim

It was a tough loss, but not a tragic one. Octavio Dotel looks to be improving, if not ready for prime time yet. But real issue at hand is Jaret Wright.

Jaret Wright is no longer a useful major league pitcher for the Yankees. He simply requires too many pitches to make each out. Luckily, we have reinforcements waiting in the wings, namely Carl Pavano.

Pavano is ready to go. He might require one rehab start, but besides that he's pretty much there. Torre should consider putting him in the rotation asap.

Luckily, the bullpen was rested tonight. But tonight illustrated a big problem that Joe Torre has to deal with right now.
  • 1. Mike Myers is mostly a 1 out guy (unless we have a considerable lead)
  • 2. Scott Proctor is overworked.
  • 3. Ron Villone is both overworked and playing over his head.
  • 4. Kyle Farnsworth for some reason is unable to go back to back days or multiple innings.
  • 5. Mariano Rivera, being the closer, cannot help the rest before the 8th or 9th inning.
  • 6. Octavio Dotel is still an unknown commodity.
  • 7. Brian Bruney is too eratic to trust in close games.

The result? We're feeling shortstaffed with 7 pitchers. Dotel and Bruney aren't too useful right now. Farnsworth and Rivera are used only in select circumstances. Myers may get one out a game. That leaves too much of a burden upon Villone and Proctor.

Torre either needs to get Dotel into shape, use Farnsworth more, or swap Bruney for someone he can trust (Veras).