Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jason Giambi

Giambi is a weird player. He came into this season with a solid reputation of becoming a much poorer hitter as a designated hitter. Did that hold up?

Giambi is hitting .251/.412/.569 on the season. His defense at 1b is absolutely terrible, but he's played 59 games at 1st and 64 games at DH.

While playing 1st, Giambi hits .292/.462/.624. While DHing, Giambi hits .218/.369/.524.

It seems pretty clear that Giambi is a much better hitter while playing 1st, despite the inferior defense. But my question is: Do these stats mean anything?

Giambi often DHs against left handed pitching. Craig Wilson and Andy Phillips have made a lot of starts at 1st against left handed pitching. Giambi hits .203/.353/.475 against lefties and .271/.435/.608 against righties.

When Matsui and Sheffield return, maybe the Yankees should consider tossing Gary Sheffield (2005's top hitter against left handed pitching) at 1st or DH during the playoffs instead of Giambi? Giambi would make one hell of a threat off the bench.

On that note, I post this and start working on the "What to do with Matsui and Sheffield" post.