Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Rotoworld recently had a little blurb up about the Yankees and Gary Sheffield. Looks like it is pretty likely that they will pick up his option and trade him. I think this is a great idea.

Gary Sheffield's value is high. He is a strong power hitting right handed corner outfielder who has only one year left on his contract. He has a strong reputation as an RBI guy. The Cubs, Giants, Astros, and Texas Rangers are all potential trade targets.

Who would he be traded for?

The Texas Rangers may be willing to give up Mark Teixeira in a package revolving around Sheffield, but it would probably require a top line pitching prospect like Tyler Clippard. I'd do Sheffield + Clippard for Teixeira in an instant, but I doubt it would be that simple. Teixeira would be under our control for the next three years. He is a right handed power bat to replace Sheffield and play an excellent 1st base, entering his prime years.

The Astros might throw in one of their better prospects for Sheff. Jason Hirsh or Hunter Pence come to mind. We might be able to trade him straight up for Brad Lidge too. I would do that swap any day of the week. Lidge had a bad year, but he has the potential to be absolutely astonishing.

The Cubs probably would give us Guzman or Veal for Sheffield. I can't see us getting Pie or Hill though.

The Giants don't have a lot of tradable assets. Matt Cain isn't going anywhere, although Brad Hennessy might.

I would also look toward the Mariners, Dodgers, or Phillies.