Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19 @ Toronto - W 3-1

After a day that positively scared Yankee fans - that is one that their 40+ year old ace looked like Jose Lima on the mound - Mike Mussina brought us exactly what we needed: dominance.

Mussina's line - 7.1 innings pitched, 1 Earned Run, zero walks, 7 Strikeouts.

Kyle Farnsworth and Mariano Rivera followed him up with rock-solid performances.

But how did Joe Torre perform? Joe Torre decided to pinch hit for Jason Giambi with Bernie Williams. That is correct, in a close game where we could still use another run or two Joe Torre took out the reigning AL player of the week, who hit currently has a Ruthian battling line of .343/.540/.829 for a spent ex-star who is currently batting .262/.295/.286. Yeah, I understand that Bernie is a switch hitter and Giambi was facing a tough left-hander... but come on! How could Torre possibly believe that Bernie would be better off in that situation than Giambi, who has managed a .500 OBP against lefties this season? Correction: I was in the bathroom for the Giambi HBP. My bad. If he was injured, he should have left the game.

Ugh. Oh well. At least we won, with good games by Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez, Cano, and Posada. Cano now leads the team in batting average at .340 (though with no walks). And the Yankees finally won a game without scoring at least 9 runs.

Homestand coming up. Hopefully we'll kiss the .500 mark goodbye by the end of it and never look back.

Amount remaining on Joe Torre's contract: 12,610,493 dollars