Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28 vs Toronto - L 7-2

Tonight was a bad night for the Yankees. Why?

I said to myself prior to the game "Please, oh please, don't let Jaret Wright pitch well enough for us to just barely lose the game".

Why? Because Wright sucks. We all know it. But he just bought himself a start or two. Why is this a bad thing? Maybe his performance could have been genuine? He pitched 5 innings with zero strikeouts and four walks. He got lucky tonight.

What else went wrong for the Yankees? Bernie Williams hit what at the time was a big clutch home run. Now, this could mean that Bernie is actually coming out of his slump, or it could just be one of the 15 home runs he'll hit over the year given regular playing time. He just bought himself a few more weeks.

We just can't beat Halladay, can we? The Big Unit is starting on an extra day of rest tomorrow. He usually has trouble with Toronto, but maybe the extra day will give his fastball some more zip.

This is going to sound like a broken record, because it is, but our batting order killed any chance of a comeback tonight. It's not even that difficult to see. Halladay exited by taking out the righty Arod. Schoeneweis, a lefty, came in to face Giambi, Matsui, Bernie (Who finally hit something), Cano, Stinnet (pinch hit for by Posada), and Damon. The Jays then brought in righty Speier to face Jeter, Sheffield, Arod, and Giambi. Lefty closer Ryan finished off the lefty-heavy bottom of the order again.

Look, the Yankees have the talent to hit well no matter which arm a pitcher hits from. Thing is, they could hit better. Joe Torre is not getting the most out of his hitters. Giambi needs to be moved up, especially on days when Posada is sitting. We shouldn't be making things easier for opposing teams.

Amount left on Joe Torre's contract: 12,271,604 dollars