Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23 vs Baltimore W 6-1

Well, I didn't catch a second of the game, so all I've got to analyze is the box score. Can't do much with that.

When it rains... it pours. Robinson Cano hadn't drawn a walk all year, but managed to draw two today. Shawn Chacon not only pitched well, he was lights out. He allowed only 4 hits, all singles. Lots of fly balls though.

Can anyone who watched the game tell me if those fly balls included a lot of infield flies? Chacon last year was the best pitcher in the majors at inducing infield fly balls - which are practically as good as strikeouts in terms of value. He can be useful again if he continues to induce so many.

Amount remaining on Joe Torre's contract: 12,572,839 dollars