Friday, April 21, 2006

Series Preview: Baltimore Orioles @ Yankee Stadium

Should be an interesting series. The Yankees are looking to start off their homestand with a couple of wins. The Orioles are playing pretty well right, now especially on the offensive side of the ball. The matchups favor the Yankees however, so let's take a look at the individual games.

Friday night: Kris Benson vs Chien-Ming Wang

Benson beat us last season. I remember it clearly because I was at Shea when he out-dueled Randy Johnson (And Dae-Sung Koo somehow managed a double, a steal, and a crazy play at the plate in his first professional baseball at bat ever), and I lost 25 dollars to my best friend.

Benson has been pitching well this season, as he usually does in the first half. He is exactly the kind of pitcher who seems to always kill the Yankees: he who throws a junk sinkerball, doesn't walk a lot of people, and lets his defense do their jobs.

In other words... he's a lot like Wang. Injured a lot... mild amount of strikeouts... these guys are almost exactly similar! The good news? Well, the bullpen is well rested.

Prediction: Yankees win 3-2. Big game: Johnny Damon.

Saturday: Danny Cabrera vs Shawn Chacon

This one could get ugly. Chacon has looked lost out there recently, unable to throw the baseball for a strike. Danny Cabrera, luckily, is the kind of pitcher that the Yankees usually hit well. Lots of heat, no control.

The good news? Well... Proctor will be ready to relieve Chacon. Hopefully Chacon can turn his bad season around, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Prediction: Baltimore wins 8-5. Big game: Brian Roberts

Sunday: Bruce Chen vs Randy Johnson

Chen actually had a two year stretch where he was pretty good. This year, he's been his old self. I wouldn't worry too much. The Yankees should pound his junk into the ground. Randy has a tough assignment for himself. The O's lineup is righty-heavy, and has been on fire lately. At least he avoids the Devil Rays next series.

I'm going to predict a decent performance for the Big Unit, and Chen getting pounded.

Prediction: Yankees win 10-3. Big game: Hideki Matsui

Now we see if my predictions hold up...

Amount remaining on Joe Torre's contract: 12,610,493 dollars