Saturday, April 29, 2006

April 29 vs Toronto - W 17-6

These four hour games get old quickly... if the Yankees lose. If they pull out a win, I'll take a 7 hour 27-walk game.

Damon pulled out of his semi-slump in a big way, with two home runs and five runs scored. Giambi and Sheffield also had huge nights. Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, and Hideki Matsui continue to struggle. I wouldn't worry too much about them though.

I would however worry about Randy Johnson. Watching today, he didn't just struggle because his nemesis team was batting against him. His slider and fastball was dead-flat. His location was terrible, as he walked 4 today after walking that many in his previous 5 starts.

I wish Torre had used Matt Smith a little bit more in his brief time with the Yankees. The kid could be a big part of our bullpen in years to come. He just seems to confident out there, attacking hitters. Probably would have been better to save Ron Villone for a meaningful appearance, as Smith is likely to be sent down as soon as Aaron Small is good to go.

Assuming the Devils hold on to their 3rd period lead over the Rangers, I should be at the game tomorrow before returning back to Providence College to finish the semester. It's been awhile (last June) since I've been to Yankee stadium. Hopefully it'll be a good game.

Amount left on Joe Torre's contract: 12,233,950 dollars.