Friday, May 12, 2006

Matsui Hurt

I was at the game today. Immediately after Matsui fell, I saw the look on his and Damon's face and went "Shit".

Predictions range on Matsui being back anywhere from one month to four. As of now, any prediction is premature. Matsui will have surgery tomorrow and then we'll have a time table. From my experience, these things are usually forecast are more serious than reality early on. My guess is Matsui will be back in July.

Brian Cashman's next move will be determined by the Yankees' internal knowledge of Gary Sheffield's injury. If he will be back in two weeks or so, then the Yankees probably should suck it up and stand pat. If he will be gone for a month or more, then the Yankees might consider a deal. What options do the Yankees have?

1. Promote Kevin Reese/Thompson. Reese might be more useful for a left handed bat, even though Thompson is probably the better overall player.

2. Promote Brett Gardner. Yeah, he's only in Tampa, but the Yankees are pretty desperate right now. Although rare, college players are sometimes called up straight from High-A ball, especially in desperate times like these. It probably won't happen, though Cashman might want to consider trying Gardner out in AA sooner rather than later. He would also have to displace someone (Henn, Karstens) on the 40-man.

3. Swing a trade. If both Matsui and Sheffield are likely out for a long time, then the Yankees may need to replace them with a respectable bat. Names like Reggie Sanders are going to be floating around in the coming days, but I would like to offer some alternatives. Lew Ford. Shannon Stewart. Craig Wilson. All options that wouldn't cost a Phil Hughes.

Looks like Melky will be with this team for longer than we thought. Melky may have a chance to make a permanent mark on the major leagues. In fact, with the current dirth of serious ROY candidates, Melky may be an outside contender.

It's grind time.