Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10th vs Boston W 7-3

Fun game. It's good to finally beat the Red Sox.

I missed most of the game, as I was forced by the New Jersey Devils to have a screwdriver bore through my head. I caught some of it on the radio and the last two innings on TV.

Mike Mussina continues to impress. 6 wins in 7 starts? 20 might just be in store for Mussina. A 20 win season (and maybe a Cy Young award) might just be what Moose needs to push himself into the hall of fame. A ring wouldn't hurt either.

Alex Rodriguez forgot about his two errors pretty solidly. And Jason Giambi again showed why the Yankees gave him 20 million a year so long ago. It's also nice to see Jorge hit for a little power. He's been getting on base fine this season, but before tonight posted just a .407 slugging percentage.

Anyone want to tell me how Melky did? I am very interested in this kid's performance. Wish I was around for the game. Hopefully I'll see him close up tomorrow night, but the weather might not hold up.