Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12 vs Oakland W 2-0

Yesterday, a question arose among Yankee fans. "Can they do it? Can the Yankees overcome the losses of Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui?"

The Yankees stepped it up in a big way today. Chien Ming Wang was as dominant as a pitcher can be... without striking out a single batter. Wang pitched 8 inning and faced just 25 batters. He was on his game, getting twenty ground ball outs. And he did it all with just 85 pitches.

Rivera struggled in the 9th, but the Yankee's 5th double play of the night prevented any runs from crossing the plate.

Zito pitched a rare gem against the Yankees. You know that the Yankees are banged up when they can't get to Barry Zito. But Wang and the defense came through, and Alex Rodriguez hit the big home run for the second time in three nights.

Hell, Giambi even stole a base.

Torre probably shouldn't have hit Bernie 5th, considering that Posada and Cano are both clearly better hitters than he (and argueably so are Melky and Phillips...), but he hit a big blast so we'll forgive Torre tonight.

Good old fashion pitching and defense wins... where were they all this time?