Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23 @ Boston W 7-5

Despite the bullpen making it close, this one a very encouraging game. Lots of things happened. Too much for me to write in my usual long-winded prose.

  • Long did not get a hit. Hopefully Melky will be back out there tomorrow.
  • The Yankees won. Against Tim Wakefield. Finally.
  • Mariano Rivera absolutely destroyed the batters he faced, including David Ortiz with men on.
  • Johnny Damon, who had hit just one extra base hit since May 4th, hit a home run and a double.
  • Could Jaret Wright actually be a useful pitcher? Hopefully this groin concern doesn't mean anything. He has a 2.8 ERA in May.
  • Alex Rodriguez took a huge weight off his back, even though he didn't even realise he hit a home run. The opposite of Manny Ramirez, who should be plunked in the head.
  • Andy Phillips is quietly hitting the ball pretty well.

Randy Johnson, don't fail me now.