Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 24 @ Boston W 8-6

Another classic game tonight. I'm short on time, so I am going to bullet point some of this.

  • David Ortiz, enjoy the tequilla. 4 strikeouts.
  • Manny Ramirez, it took awhile, but hopefully Mariano taught you a lession. You are the #1 Yankee killer during my life time. I would respect you if you were not a worthless scumbag showboater. But you can hit. Next time, pick a less sacred sport please.
  • Melky Cabrera, hopefully now Torre will not bench you in favor of Terrence Long.
  • Derek Jeter, that was one hell of a throw to end the game.
  • Bernie Williams, you may finally be useful again. Keep it up.
  • Joe Torre, you finally made the a good, yet difficult, decision. Melky Cabrera was the clear choice for the #1 slot with Damon out, but he's also a 21 year old rookie. No beat writer would fault you for using Terrence Long or Robinson Cano to fill the void, but you exercised your best option and wrote Melky's name into the lineup. My hat is off to you.

Oh yes, it's injury report time.

Jaret Wright may miss a start with slight groin pull. Hopefully this does not throw him off his recently rediscovered pitching ability.

Jorge Posada may have a strained hamstring. If he goes on the DL, Kelly Stinnet (batting .175) starts batting every day. Ouch.

Damon's foot is hurting. He'll enjoy his day off.

Gary Sheffield is playing with an injured hand.

They really need this off day. By the way, Matt Smith is back with the team.