Saturday, May 27, 2006

May 27 vs Kansas City L 7-6

Ok, no sweep.

Mike Mussina showed the difference between himself and Randy Johnson tonight. His fastball was not working at all in the first inning. He couldn't control it, and his velocity was down. After getting hit, what does Mussina do? Does he break down and give up four home runs? No, Mussina made an adjustment, in this case he started throwing curveballs like crazy, and held the Orioles down.

It seemed to me like Torre pulled him a little bit too early.

Proctor and Farnsworth failed to get the job done. However, Torre almost made the problem worse by allowing Mike Myers to pitch to two right handed batters. Not good a good move.

Giambi almost was a hero. I would have loved to see Arod take the final at bat in the game, considering that he had three big hits already in the game.

Hey, at least we couldn't have drawn a better pitching matchup tomorrow.