Monday, June 05, 2006

4 Games, .5 behind - Yankee Stadium

It's game time. I love watching the Yankees playing the Red Sox.

The Yankees and Red Sox couldn't be more different right now. The Red Sox are as healthy as can be. They have their entire opening day lineup in the field, and their pitching staff is only missing Wells and Timlin. Schilling and Wakefield are pitching OK, and the rest of the bunch are fluttering.

The Yankees limp in to Fenway, coming off an injury filled week but finally will see the calvary return to action in the form of Rivera, Giambi, Rodriguez, and Jeter. And despite their terrible luck over the past two weeks, the Yankees even get a break.

The team will benefit from about the best pitching matchups they could ask for against the Sox. They are:

Tonight - Mussina vs Beckett
Tomorrow - Wang vs Pauley
Wednesday - Wright vs Schilling
Thursday - Unit vs Wakefield

This will be the fourth time the team has seen Wakefield in a month, which can't be a bad thing against a knuckleballer. Johnson is looking good lately, as is Wright. I would put Mussina up Johan Santana right now with confidence, and we sure as hell should hit the hell out of a AA pitcher. Not to mention that we are at home with a semi-rested bullpen.

I would not be happy with a split.