Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4th @ Baltimore L 11-4

You can't win them all.

We're 11 for our last 15 and 5-2 on this road trip. Things happen.

Kevin Thompson and Matt Smith are forcing their place on the 25 man roster. They both deserve it. Erickson and Small are forcing their place off any major league roster. Neither deserve their spots. Thompson should replace Long, Mendoza replaces Erickson, and Smith replaces Small.

Smith couldn't go much distance today because he had pitched a lot recently in Columbus, but he is capable of 2-3 innings if needed on a night like tonight. Thompson is 2-5 with 2 walks, 1 2b, and 3 RBI in his first two games.

After a terrible May, due to the foot injury, Damon is hitting again. He's batting over .400 in 4 games in June, with some extra base hits. Good for him.

Word on the radio is that both Jeter and Giambi are expected to play tomorrow. This lineup can look respectable again. Personally, I would experiment with keeping Jeter 3rd.