Friday, June 02, 2006

June 2 @ Baltimore W 6-5

The way that the Yankees luck has been going lately, I half expected Melky Cabrera to get hit by lightning in the 7th.

Jaret Wright walked the right rope all game, with a lot of his outs going to the warning track. To his credit, he didn't break down. Kelly Stinnet didn't help by letting every ball below his knees get behind him.

Scott Erickson in the 8th? To be fair, Torre really didn't have much choice. Villone had thrown a lot of pitches (though being a long man, he probably could have gotten out of that inning) and both Mo and Proctor were unavailable. The blame rests moreso on Brian Cashman's shoulders. Scott Erickson should not be on this roster.

Jeter looked like he belonged at #3 tonight. To be honest, I'd be happy if they kept him there. He's slugging over .500 and killing with RISP. Melky is good enough to stay up in the order. Its kind of a waste to bat him 7th or 8th, since he gets on base so well. Won't happen, but I can drema can't I?

Melky showed off his arm once again tonight. 6 Outfield Assists in three weeks? Damn.

We just won a game without Mariano Rivera, Scott Proctor, Hideki Matsui, Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez, and Jaret Wright starting.