Friday, June 02, 2006

Unstoppable Andy

I'm writing a lot today. Stuck inside on a rainy day.
On May 16th I wrote:

One big thing that people will miss in the drama of tonight is the performance of Andy Phillips. He went 2-5 with two doubles. With some big bats hurting, Andy Phillips could supply some much needed offense out there if he finds his stroke. Remember, he is the guy who consistently hit .300/.380/.570 at AAA.

Since then (as of the 5th inning of tonight's game), Andy Phillips has gone 15 for 31 (.483 BA) with four doubles and one home run (.709 Slg%) and 2 walks and only four strikeouts (he struck out 11 times

Andy Phillips took a long time to adjust to the majors. Hell, I advocated dropping him for Pena. not too long ago. Looks like I might have been wrong.

Hideki Matsui is a career .295/.369/.482 hitter. Phillips may just be able to hit .270/.350/.460.