Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13 vs Cleveland W 1-0

What a great game. In the days of home runs and offense, you have to love a good old fashion pitchers duel.

Wang showed us that the team still has at least two good starters. When Chacon, Wright, and Randy can't seem to get past the 6th inning, Wang was dealing all the way through. If the lead wasn't so narrow, Wang could easily of finished out that 8th inning. Some good bullpen managing by Torre got us through that inning. Credit to Mike Myers for doing his job against a tough Grady Sizemore.

Is Mariano pitching or what? He has been pitching a consistent 96 mph for a few weeks now. Papelbon may be having a season for the ages, but I'll take Mo.

Phil Hughes also pitched 7 IP 1 H 3 BB 8 SO 0 ER today. He's 19 years old and adjusting quickly to AA. Please, oh please Cashman, don't trade him. Justin Pope and J.B. Cox also combined for two scoreless innings. Octavio Dotel was not so hot in AAA though, giving up 2 runs on 3 hits in the single inning that he pitched. He gave up a single, home run, and a double before getting out of the inning.

We may actually have the favorite in the Johnson vs Johnson matchup tomorrow. I mean, our Johnson is in fact bigger than theirs.