Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14 vs Cleveland W 6-1

It's nice to see Randy not only have a stellar start, but also show some fiery aggression.

Great game for the Yankees. Phillips showed that he won't slump forever. Damon broke an 0-13 with a home run. Arod took a little pressure off his back. Lots of hitters contributed. The bullpen was beautiful. All in all, a good day.

I love to see the Yankees show some emotion. I'm not one to buy into the whole "Clubhouse atmosphere" thing, but I love seeing the Yankees play with some attitude on the field. When we first got Randy Johnson, there was a lot of talk of "Will he hit some batters?". Tonight, he responded to an unintentional ball to Posada by knocking down a Cleveland batter. He got ejected, but made his point: don't mess with the Yankees.

Proctor looked great, didn't he? I've repeatedly said here that I don't think that Proctor is a bad pitcher, though I don't think that he is the pitcher he seemed like early in the year. He's got his ERA down to 3.77. That is about where he should stay.

Robbie Cano is certainly locked in. He is as streaky as they come. It seems that every month he hits .450 for two weeks and then hits .200 for awhile. He could really be something special if he could sustain some of his hot streaks a little longer. He doesn't strike out and he hits line drives - two of the three things that a batter has to do if he wants to hit .330 consistently (the other being walking a lot).

The Red Sox are losing to Minnesota right now. If that keeps up, we hold first place by a full game. Damn straight.