Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 1st @ Detroit L 7-6

Credit Joe Torre with another loss.

He couldn't handle his bullpen worse tonight. After Wang left in the 5th, Torre correctly went to Rasner. However, he left Rasner in for only five outs, forcing the rest of the guys to stretch themselves out.

Myers then failed to make yet another out against a left handed batter. Proctor was forced to pitch seven outs, and then Torre makes another huge mistake. With just a one run lead in the 9th, Torre brings Kyle Farnsworth in.

Tell me Torre, how could you possibly think that Kyle Farnsworth is your best pitcher? How could you possibly believe that Farnsworth's 4.50 ERA (now 5.18) was not something that could lose the game for the Yankees? Ron Villone or Scott Proctor (instead of putting him in earlier) would have been better options. But I guess Villone, who hasn't allowed a run since May 14th, was a better option.

Joe Torre is an idiot. His handling of the bullpen is going to cost the Yankees wins directly and indirectly by burning out his relievers. He needs to trust his entire bullpen, not just 2 or 3 guys.

Terence Long needs to go. He went 0-5 and left 9 men on base tonight. He's now batting .182. Get rid of him Cashman. Start Thompson.