Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yeah, Sorry

I said a week ago that I probably would not digress from baseball again on this blog. I'm sorry, but a political issue so important to me as come up, and the mainstream media is not saying a word.

The exclusionary rule is one of the most important pieces of jurisprudence in the history of the United States. Without it, there is no way for the accused to protect themselves against unlawful searches. Essentially, it is a key check on the government by the people of the United States.

With two new hyper-conservative judges, the assault on the exclusionary rule has begun. The 5-4 decision, led by Justice Scalia, threatens to destroy the landmark precedent set by Mapp vs Ohio.

If you value your civil liberties, write your representative and tell him/her not to appoint judges who wish to destroy your protection against an overzealous police force. These precedents take years to overturn. There is still time.

Back to baseball.