Sunday, June 18, 2006

Back, For Now

I did not update yesterday because I spent the day doing some very hard but rewarding labor from dawn until dusk. This is just a precursor to the rest of my summer.

Why? I have a summer job. This summer job, running the Archery Range for a camp in Blairstown, keeps me far away in the woods six days a week for two months. I have done this for the past two summers, and both times it has been the time of my life.

I leave on Wednesday. I will be home on Saturdays. I will have little to no updates on the Yankees other than the newspaper. Regular updates will begin again on August 16th.

I hate to break up the momentum that this blog has gained. This week was our best week ever, averaging over 400 hits per day.

I would like to say that I intend to finish the spring strong, but sadly I have very little free time between now and Wednesday. Please check back on the weekends during the summer, and be ready for regular updates again in August. There is a very good chance that come that time, this blog will be moving to a mainstream website.