Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 15th vs Cleveland L 8-4

Mussina had to have a bad start eventually, right?

Torre probably should have taken Mussina out against Hollingsworth in the 7th. His mistake was warming up Myers instead of Smith or Villone. Myers in that situation is great, if your pitching to a guy like Hafner or Sizemore. Cleveland isn't going to pinch hit for Hafner or Sizemore. They will put a righty out there for Hollingsworth.

But Smith and Villone are just blowout pitchers I guess. But when the game comes on the line, Torre feels that it's time for Aaron Small. Small actually managed to make his 8.20 ERA worse.

It's good to see Torre uses Myers more, but it's not good to see him uses him in situations like these.

Melky hit a home run! It's good to see him drive the ball. It's also good to see Alex Rodriguez not just drive the ball, but strap two rockets to it. That had to be the longest home run since Arod hit a similar one a little bit farther in the same spot last year.

Washington and Jaret Wright tomorrow. Maybe Wright will graduate to 6 or 7 innings with the free out. Lucky for Wright, he gets free outs out of the Catcher and Shortstop too. We get to see Soriano and Johnson again. Is it just me, or does Kevin Youkilis remind me of Nick Johnson before we traded him?

Oh, and I almost forgot. Torre is suspended tomorrow. It's like a holiday for me.