Sunday, April 30, 2006

April 30 vs Toronto W 4-1

1st place feels so sweet. It took us almost the entire season until we tasted 1st place last year. This year, we aren’t digging ourselves that same hole. The onus is on Boston for once.

I attended today’s game, my first in nearly a year. I have trouble getting to games from July through August, and I am live in Providence during the school year, so I don’t get to see too many games. Luckily, I was home this weekend for the Game 5 of the Devils-Rangers series (which, thankfully, wasn’t necessary. Let’s go Devils!).

It was a good game. Lots of positives today. First, it’s real good to see Torre display some emotion. I never bought into the “cool, calm, collected” baseball team. Give me some 1978 fire any day.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Moose so confident. Despite an inconsistent strike zone called by home plate umpire XXX, usually a catalyst for a Mussina-breakdown, he overcame a couple of tough jams to limit the Jays to one run in six innings. Continuing with the trend that he has been setting all year, Moose struck out seven. He looks to be in his 2001-2003 form again. If his elbow holds up, expect big things.

Giambi got a huge, much-deserved, curtain call for his massive home run. Phillips tapped one to the opposite field, something that hopefully will take some pressure off the guy. Once he stops pressing, he should be a very productive hitter. Conversely, Bernie looked just as washed up he did on T.V. He actually got some good contact, but he very obviously now lacks the power to turn fly balls into anything more than majestic outs. Maybe a few days without Gary Sheffield will finally change the Yankee’s minds about Bernie.

Ah, the first Red Sox series of the year is tomorrow. Doesn’t it feel great to have some confidence this year?

Amount remaining on Joe Torre’s contract: 12,196,296 dollars.