Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13 vs Oakland W 4-3

Oh Tanyon Sturtze. What will I ever write about without you blowing every other game?

I missed most of the game today, as I had the chance to watch the Devils fend off elimination in the Meadowlands.

Jaret Wright pitched well, but like the bad pitcher he is, he only managed to go 5 innings. Still, a win is a win.

Is anyone else a little concerned about the Yankee offense? 2 runs yesterday, only four today. This lineup is looking very thin.

Jason Giambi started at DH tonight. In 42 plate appearances as the designated hitter, Giambi has hit .219/.422/.563. In his other 89 appeances, Giambi has hit .323/.543/.790.

He should not be starting more than a handful of games at DH. Joe Torre, put Giambi in the field.

And is anyone else disturbed that Torre considers Bernie a better defensive player than Melky?