Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15 vs Texas 4-2 L

It's official, the Yankees miss Sheffield and Matsui.

It seems to me like the Yankees are very jumpy without them. As was the case against Haren last night, everyone is swinging and making outs early. The Yankees have walked 166 times this year, good for 4th in the American League. However, the Yankees haven't managed to draw one since the 4th inning on May 13th against Oakland. Their patience is obviously lacking right now.

We have 5 more games until Sheffield is eligible to come off the DL, and two of those in Fenway. Giambi, Damon, Posada, and the bottom of the lineup need to pick it up. Otherwise, we could be going into Fenway 3 games out.

At least we're pitching well. Mussina looked sharp today, didn't he?