Saturday, May 13, 2006

We get Erickson

I am going to present a list of six pitchers for AAA Columbus. I will not name them. I will simply post their stats.

Pitcher A: 2.52 ERA, 34 SO, 6 BB, and 33 hits in 32 innings.
Pitcher B: .77 ERA, 30 SO, 11 BB, and 14 hits in 23.1 innings. *
Pitcher C: 4.14 ERA, 11 SO, 11 BB, and 11 hits in 17 innings.
Pitcher D: 2.81 ERA, 20 SO, 7 BB, and 15 hits in 16 innings. *
Pitcher E: 2.66 ERA, 21 SO, 3 BB, and 20 hits in 20.1 innings.
Pitcher F: 1.80 ERA, 7 SO, 3 BB, and 7 hits in 10.1 innings (between AAA and MLB) *

* - On 40 man roster

You tell me. In what order would you rank these pitchers?

Hell, just tell me, "Who is the worst pitcher on this list?".

Would it be pitcher C?

What if I told you that the Yankees just called up pitcher C to replace Tanyon Sturtze?

Is there some sort of requirement in the Yankees bullpen that Joe Torre needs some crappy pitcher to put runners on for Scott Proctor?