Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 28 vs Kansas City W 6-5

Thank you Larry Bowa and Melky Cabrera.

I almost stopped watching after the second inning. I figured "It'll be an interesting little 37-5 blowout".

Didn't happen. The Yankees ended the game in a pathetic way, going 20 up 20 down for the rest of the way. The Yankee bullpen slowly gave that lead away.

Joe Torre needs to use Ron Villone more. Scott Proctor seems to have lost it, just like the 2005 version of Tanyon Sturtze. Joe Torre, even though it became clear that Sturtze was no longer an effective pitcher, continued to trust his "proven pitcher" in Tanyon Sturtze. Hopefully Proctor can be an effective pitcher, but he doesn't look so good right now.

It's good to see Damon's power returning. Hopefully Giambi is all right.